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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On My Desk Wednesdays

I'm excited to join in this theme. Every Wednesday I'll post pictures of what's on my desk. Click here to see who else is playing along.

I've been doing a lot of screenprinting lately. Here's a shot of my tiny printing area.

Here's a shot of the ink I used. I needed a light gray. To create the gray I mixed super opaque white (Versatex) with a tad of black (Speedball). Consistency was a little on thinner side (due to Speedball), but it was fine after a few minutes.

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Sherrin said...

hooray! a new player! what were you printing?

Angie said...

How cool, I joined this morning. Now to get some pictures of my desk!

Krissy said...

you've been doing some great stuff lately! I need to get my gocco back out!

Natasha said...

What were you printing? I am very curious to see what you have been up to. - and how you get the time with a 2 and 3 year old!

Angie said...

Tina, I'm anxious to see how the gray comes out. I'm planning on doing something in gray next.

The Tiny Fig said...

your work is so awesome! i love my gocco. i was wondering what types of fabric you like to print on best and if you have any online suppliers you could share with me?

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