. Celestina Carmen: Using up the Screen

Friday, August 8, 2008

Using up the Screen

I try to utilize every inch of my screens as much as possible. This notecard took 3 steps, 1 screen. It could have been done in 2 steps, but I burned the image wrong.

First Step: Printed the border. If I had burned the image differently, I could have printed the border and solid colors first. Didn't come to this realization until after I flashed the screen.

Second Step: Printed the solid colored areas. Take a look at the yellow (my new fave btw), their was not enough room to ink block. What I had hoped was the yellow and turquoise would blend beautifully into each other ... like I've seen on some cards (Flickr). Mine didn't. Were they met/bled was a solid line. Oh well, I tried something new.

Third Step: Printed the mushroom outlines. I forgot to take a picture of the inked screen.

Problem Encounter: I must of had some carbon specs on my original. When I went to print I had little specs. Before I had started printing these notecards I came across a picture on Flickr. Emma used drafting tape to cover up areas she didn't want to print. I don't have drafting tape so I used masking tape. I was worried it might take off some of the "film". It worked like a charm. I used it to cover the unwanted holes/specs. From what I could tell, it did not remove any film.

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Miss Fruitfly said...

Those cards look great.

Angie said...

Tina, that is so cute! I have yet to try printing on paper. Need to put that on the to-do list.

Natasha said...

Interesting to see how you really use those screens - very important now that screens are likely to become harder to get. Great card.

I have succumbed and ordered a gocco printer from a source here in Germany. Not sure how reliable though! So am a little nervous. I am also thinking whether to stock up on supplies. Are you stocking up after the recent announcement?

whitney said...

Oh such a cute print!! I just love seeing what you are up to. :)

I also had a question for you. The gocco B6 screens are the ones used for the Pg5 model, right? I am 99% sure they are, but I don't want to purchase a bunch of them if they aren't!

Great job as always!

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