. Celestina Carmen: After Many Uses

Friday, September 26, 2008

After Many Uses

I finally got around to taking pictures of my screens after I've used them a few times. These screens have gone through 5 printing sessions, gooped and washed with soap and water after every use. I protect all my screens (the frame) before I print with them. Of course their is staining, but the frame is not warped.

I weight the edges of the screen down while it's drying. Just to insure it dries flat.

The only time I wipe the underside (film side) is when I'm having a hard time removing any "clogs". This usually gets rid of them. I have rubbed to hard on an occasion. It resulted in some film coming off. Painted some Correction Fluid on the area, it was all patched up.

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Dr. Russ said...

What a great idea. I have never thought about the frames warping. I clean the underside with baby wipes but maybe I shouldn't. Something to think about.

Natasha said...

Great idea to weight down the sides of the frames. Thanks for the tips on stamping umbrellas. I am going to give it a go on Monday. As soon as I bought some umbrellas the sun started shining here!

Miss Fruitfly said...

Why didn't I think of weighing down the frames? I'm going to do that next time, thanks for the tip.

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