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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On My Desk Wednesday :: Cutting Away

I'll be displaying some of my cards at my friends shop. I created little labels for the backs of the packaging. I decided to have these digitally printed. With Gocco going bye-bye, I wanted to save screens for designs. I took the files to 3 different Kinkos! I was denied:

  • Kinkos 1: no more label paper.
  • Kinkos 2: color printer broken.
  • Kinkos 3: they didn't have a print center, it was self serve. It cost more to do it myself. You have to pay for computer access (by the minute), then the copies on regular paper. Then you take that over to someone else who prints those on label paper. Shouldn't it be cheaper to do it yourself?

Finally, my mother was able to print these from her computer. If only I had a nicer printer, I could do these myself at home.

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Mon Petit Lapin said...

wow sounds a tough time getting things ready for sale - don't give up though I'm sure you'll feel so rewarded when everything's complete. Can't wait to see your shop up and running!! And thanx for the linen tip, I've seen that used a lot too but I'm wondering if maybe its a linen-cotton mix.hmm.

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