. Celestina Carmen: Not Much Luck

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Much Luck

I finished printing most of my cards for my Etsy shop. Although there is one color way I'm having the hardest time with ...

I printed these cards with 2 colors. One of those colors is Burgundy. For some reason the Burgundy will not dry. It takes at least 1-2 weeks to completely dry. Before I knew this ... A couple days later, I stack the cards (thinking they are dry). Results, the backs have ink smudges on them.

Posted my dilemma on Flickr. I was told to try scraping it off with a blade and use fine sandpaper. Neither worked.

So I decided to start over. This time I made my own Burgundy by mixing red with a little dab of black. The ink was fine but during the night my cards warped! I always use these notecards. This is a first. I'm not worried with the warping, they can be flattened. Since they were warped, they were butting up against each other all night. The few (very few) cards that don't have smudges, I hung up with clothespins. To insure no butting up. Guess what happened? The string fell while they were drying! Haven't checked the backs of those. I'm to scared.

Conclusion, their is a force that does not want me to print this design in this colorway. Maybe I should listen.

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whitney said...

OH NO!! Maybe Burgundy is just not your color right now! That really stinks. I hate getting smudges on the backs of my cards.

handmaiden said...

Oh, don't u just hat that. BTW how did u relolve yr bloglines error feed.

Natasha said...

bad luck - it obviously is not meant to be!

Tina said...

handmaiden - What happened with bloglines?

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