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Monday, September 29, 2008

Screen Your Stuff

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Authors :: Marion Levy and Veronique Georgelin

"A Fun, Funky Introduction To Silk-Screening ... " (Quote from cover.)

Sums it up very nicely. This is a 63 page introduction to screen printing (no technical). It's filled with fun ideas and tips, here and there. Favorite parts of book:
  • Ink mixing formulas.
  • Tips for fixing stencil screen printing problems.

If your looking for a more in depth, how to, technical ... this is not the screen printing book for you. I was very disappointed in this book. They cover only about 1/16 of the world of screen printing. There is a small section on stencil screen printing and that's about it, and 15 projects with vague directions. This book assumes you already know how to screen print and offers ideas on what and where to print. The resource page was the saddest. I like being introduced to new places where I can find supplies. They only list the big name chains ... Joanns, Michaels, Dick Blick.

On a positive note ... I did pick up some useful tips and I love looking at pictures of inks, screens, anything having to do with screen printing.

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Natasha said...

Thanks for the review - now I know not to buy the book! It's a shame as it had so much promise.

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

hmm now I don't know if I want it haha I was going to buy it but it's not available in Canada until mid-october. Judging by the price I didn't expect a lot from it.

Angelia said...

Thanks for the review, not a book I will need from your insight.

Angie said...

Tina, what a disappointment for you. I hate it when you have high hopes for a book and it turns out to be way less than anticipated.

handmaiden said...

u got me excited, then pulled the plug. I am keen to start but know nothing!! so this is not the book for me

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