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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On My Desk Wednesday :: New Gadget

No explanation needed. I'm sure everyone knows what this is. Check out my Apps ... I've created an Icon for my blog. If you would like to create one for your blog/shop/site, click here for the tutorial I used. There are more details in the comment section. She recommends to create a 57 x 57 pixels file. I did 158 x 158 pixels. The larger file has better resolution than the smaller one ... this tip popped up all over the web.

On My Desk Wednesday :: other player.

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whitney said...

just a little jealous. :) ~wink, wink~

Tamara said...

just a lot jealous actually;)

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

Nice. If the monthly bill wasn't so expensive I'd get one. I don't know how it works for you guys but in order to get the wireless internet everywhere the monthly bill would be close to $80. Would be fun to have at craft shows though.

Maureen said...

Love mine too...fortunately dh and I are learning all the bells and whistles together.

Must get the blog app...cause I'm going to BlogHer!!

Kirsty said...

I'm with Tamara!

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