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Monday, December 29, 2008

IPhone Fun :: Podcasts

I've finally started using my IPod app. I've never had a IPod ... I love it. Downloaded some Itunes ... fun. My favorite thing about the IPod ... podcasts!

Podcasts currently on my IPod ...

  1. How To Girl - How to ... fashion, trends, cooking, and more. (Haven't had a chance to view these yet.)

  2. Layers TV - Adobe tips and tricks from the people of Layers Magazine.

  3. Martha Stewart - Fairly new podcast. Watch projects from Martha.

  4. Etsy - Etsy videos.

  5. Imprint - For Twilight fans (me). All about the Twilight book saga and the movie(s).

  6. MuggleCast - For Harry Potter fans (me). All about Harry Potter.

  7. Secrets of Harry Potter - (Haven't listened to yet.) There was a episode I was interested in.

  8. IPhone App - Testing IPhone Apps, reviews.

  9. Threadbanger - View video tutorials from this fun, funky, hip, sewing website.

I will be checking these out next ...

  1. Crafty Chica
  2. Craft Magazine
  3. The Official LOST Podcast - When the show comes back on, I'm all over this podcast.

All podcasts above are available on Itunes. Don't have a IPod? Itunes (desktop) is a free download available through Apple. You can listen to podcasts from your desktop ... free. I haven't come across any podcasts that charge a fee, and I've seen a lot.

I run Itunes on a PC (Vista). I do have some problems with playing music once in awhile. If that does happen, I restart Itunes, problem solved. Done some internet research, found that Itunes has not yet perfected it's compatibility with Vista.

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Lorraine said...

Ooo: thanks for the ideas...I'm adding some of these to my list! I'm currently listening to the Animation Podcast (interviews with animators about the stories behind making animated films) and Steven Heller's lecture series for SVA on graphic design history (along with some language podcasts).

Average Jane Crafter said...

I'm a total podcast junkie! They are great for workout, cleaning the house, getting stuck in traffic, etc. My all-time favorite podcast is CraftyPod. Diane is, in my opinion, the craft podcast guru. Her interviews are fun, informative and very well-done. My only complaint is that they are never long enough for me. ;)

Also check out Craft, Rock, Love from Vickie Howell, Craft Sanity and, for the mom's among us, the Creative Mom Podcast.

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