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Monday, January 5, 2009

Palettes Lite :: IPhone Design App

I have a new addictive IPhone App. Create and maintain color palettes on your IPhone with Palettes. I'm currently using the free trial version, Palettes Lite.

Connect directly to COLOURlovers and download palettes.

You can import color palettes also from images taken with your IPhone. Upload URLs to create palettes from the colors used on websites.

Create new colors by blending colors from your palette (example below).

Preview your palette colors against black and white.

Color schemes.

Create your own colors.

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Natasha said...

Happy New Year! I am very jealous of the iphone. I am still dreaming of having one. The palette app looks very cool.

malinda said...

I like the idea of that app. hoping it comes to android soon.

Lorraine said...

Ooo! Handy! Can you use pantone colors too? I'm guessing that Pantone might veto that, but how handy! Check out the Brushes app too: I'm planning to post about it soon (maybe in the Weekly Reader post on Wednesday?)

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