. Celestina Carmen: My First Moop Bag

Monday, February 23, 2009

My First Moop Bag

My first Moop bag! It's just as lovely in person as in pictures. Sturdy, very well crafted. It's perfect when I take my boys for walks and to the park. The pouch fits my Iphone and headphones. There's even a spot to hook your keys. I do worry that the back of the inside snap might scratch my screen. Easily fixable, just turn the phone around.

My only complaint is that it takes over 2 weeks to make! Every bag is made on order. Moop's policy is to expect at least a 2 week wait. Once I placed my order, I didn't receive a convo until 2 weeks, saying it was going to take another week! I would have liked to receive this convo when my order was placed, not once I was expecting it to come in the mail.

Yes these bags are beautifully made, but a 2-3 week wait is the only thing that might discourage my return. Just remember if you do plan to order a Moop bag (for a gift or special occasion), order about 3 weeks earlier than needed. This company is very popular and in high demand.

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Connie said...

Moop has wonderful bags! That is a really long turn around time considering it only takes maybe a day or 2 to make something so small!

Lorraine said...

Cool! I'd never heard of them...

Bridgett said...

I ordered my Moop bag 2 weeks ago. The anxiety is killing me!

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