. Celestina Carmen: Project Runway :: Season 6 Episode 3

Friday, September 4, 2009

Project Runway :: Season 6 Episode 3

Episode 3 : Rumble On The Runway
Challenge: California Surf Inspired Look + Companion Avante-Garde Look

Guest Celebrity Judge : Rachel Bilson
Favorite Designer(s) - Bathing Suit: Shirin + Carol Hannah
Favorite Avante-Garde: Logan + Christopher

Least Favorite Designer(s) - Bathing Suit: Nicolas + Gordana
Least Favorite Avante-Garde: Nicolas + Gordana

Winner: Ra'mon

Competition Over For: Mitchell

Yeahs ::
  • Designers worked in teams of 2.
  • Even though he got cut, Mitchell had a hot outfit.
  • Judges spiced things up - the winner and loser were from the same team!

Nays ::
  • Designers clashed a lot.
  • Mitchell, bitchy bitchy bitchy. Leaves all the work to his partner.
  • The bomb: create a 2nd avante-garde look.
  • Terrible match ups: Epperson and Qristal, Mitchell and Ra'mon.
  • Model drama: Carol Hannah's dropped out right before fitting.
  • Garnier, bad product placement.
  • Oooo, Qristal your a little mean.

That's my recap, cliff notes style.

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Brooke Reviews said...

Not sure why Ra'mon's won. :/ I don't think they look beachy or surfer'ish. Oh well!

Tina said...

Brooke - Ra'mon's wasn't my favorite but the judges loved that he used neoprene. I think they liked all the work he did this week.

Brooke Reviews said...

Well, he definitely busted his butt to put two complete designs on the runway. Mitchell being a slacker totally helped Ra'mon win I think :)

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