. Celestina Carmen: Project Runway :: Season 6 Episode 4

Friday, September 11, 2009

Project Runway :: Season 6 Episode 4

Episode 4 : What A Woman Wants
Challenge: Designers must create an eye-catching look for an industry event - listen to what the models/clients want.

Guest Celebrity Judge : No celebrity this week.
Favorite Designer(s): Irina, Althea
Least Favorite Designer(s): Qristal, Christopher (just the top portion)

Winner: Althea

Competition Over For: Qristal

Yeahs ::
  • Christopher admits the judges might not go for Epperson's dress, but he recognizes the style and gives him some props.
  • Epperson's dress rocked.
  • Carol Hannah's dress was fab, but the top stood out to me. I loved the top portion.
Nays ::
  • Irina trashing Althea's 3 piece outfit.
  • Logan's shiny (silver?) tight pants.
  • Nicholas's dress didn't fit right on the top. To loose.
  • Louise's puffy collar.
  • Ra'mon's huge flower. I'm so not a fan of huge flowers or bows.

That's my recap, cliff notes style.

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