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Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Runway :: Season 6 Episode 5

Episode 5 : Fashion Headlines
Challenge: Use pages from the newspaper to create a look.

Guest Celebrity Judge : Eva Longoria Parker, Tommy Hilfiger
Favorite Designer(s): Christopher (again), Irina
Least Favorite Designer(s): Johnny

Winner: Irina

Loved Christopher's, I had to share it ...

Competition Over For: Johnny

Yeahs ::
  • Material- newspaper. I love seeing what the designers create with these crazy challenges.
  • Designers could use muslin as long as it doesn't show.
  • Johnny whined to the judges that his first dress was ruined and he had to make a new one. He told the judges the dress was very Dior. Nicholas called him out in front of the judges. Told the judges that it wasn't no Dior and what Tim thought about it. Tim called it a bad craft project.
  • Actually outfits that looked like they were made with fabric: Ra'mon's, Epperson's, Logan's, Althea's, Christopher's, Irina's
Nays ::
  • Some of the designers bashed Shirin for talking a lot while she creates.
  • Johnny tore up his dress because Tim didn't like it. Then he made up a lie as to why he got rid of the dress.
  • Irina's nemesis, Althea. Jealous a little?
  • Louise's collar, again. What's with all these ugly collars she keeps making?
  • Nicholas talked major smack about Johnny's dress. But the judges told Nicholas that his dress looked like an insect. His wasn't much better.

That's my recap, cliff notes style.

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E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

Hi! I love your blog and subscribe to it in my reader and I've been loving your PR recaps! I have one little request though... do you think you could maybe put "spoiler" at the top of your posts, or at least not put the winner right in the first line? I never get to watch PR on the night that it airs, and I keep forgetting that you post the winner and clicking on your blog only to have it spoiled! Feel free to ignore me- this is your blog!- but I'd love if I could keep reading and not have the spoilers!
Thanks :)

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