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Friday, September 25, 2009

Project Runway :: Season 6 Episode 6

Here's my recap, cliff notes style. If you don't want to know, don't read!!

Episode 6 : Lights, Camera, Sew!
Challenge: Designers must create a look inspired by a movie genre.

Favorite Designer(s): Epperson, Christopher
Least Favorite Designer(s): Ra'mon, Louise

Winner: Nicholas

Competition Over For: Ra'mon

Yeahs ::
  • The make-up rocked!
  • Carol Hannah's reminded me of a hot superhero.
  • Christian's rocked as always, Victorian hot!
  • Epperson, his best yet.
  • Nicholas liked the top but the rest didn't look so hot on tv. In the picture above, it looks pretty good.
Nays ::
  • Ra'mon struggled, with 2 hours left he had to re-create his look. In the end, it looked like a scaly mess. Sad to see him leave.
  • Designers were more stressed than usual.
  • Althea's, to plain compared to the other looks.
  • Louise's, a mess of fabric.
  • Logan's, not bad but not great either.

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Brooke Reviews said...

I really thought that Epperson should have won. I WANT that outfit, I'd so wear that ha. :D

Tina said...

Brooke- I thought Epperson would win for sure! Even when I saw it in the making, I thought he'd win. I'd wear it to. I loved Christopher's too!

malinda said...

I so thought the winning and losing outfits were on par with one another - as in - I thought both of them might get sent home. I would wer epperson's outfit today if I could.

Tina said...

Malinda- Ditto! I thought the one going home was either Nicholas or Ra'mon. I was completely shocked when Nicholas won.

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