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Friday, October 2, 2009

Project Runway :: Season 6 Episode 7

Here's my recap, cliff notes style. If you don't want to know, don't read!!

Episode 7 : The Sky Is the Limit
Challenge: Designers must create two looks in blue for Macy's INC brand.

Favorite Designer(s): Irina/Gordana
Least Favorite Designer(s): Louise/Nicholas

Winner: Irina

Competition Over For: Louise

Yeahs ::
  • Designers worked in teams of twos ... Christopher/Epperson, Carol Hannah/Shirin, Althea/Logan, Louise/Nicholas.
  • Irina is an awesome sketch artist.
  • I enjoyed seeing Christopher and Epperson teamed up. They were my fave designers from last week.
  • Carol Hannah and Shirin created a very wearable and stylish look. I loved the top on the tunic.

Nays ::
  • Designers teamed up: worst pair ... Irina/Gordana. I'm almost positive that anyone who pairs with Irina will come across difficulty. That lady has people issues.
  • Louise's stupid ruffles again. Am I remembering wrong, or does she do ruffles for every outfit? How did she get on the show with all the ruffly collars she produces?
  • Why were the judges blaming Nicholas for the ruffles? It was Louise's designs that got picked. He was only the assistant that was supposed to help create them. I was getting annoyed when Heidi repeatedly reminded him that he was lucky to have immunity.
  • What was with the young blonde judge? Can't remember her name, but I remember her prissy looks. She always made these stuck up faces when she looked at the designers. Did not like her.

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Brooke Reviews said...

I think Heidi kept saying that to Nicolas because he should have talked to Louisa and tried to put his own spin on the outfit. He should have said SOMETHING, instead of just hiding behind is immunity.

Tina said...

Brooke- I get that. But the idea was that certain people got picked because the Macy's woman liked their designs. Then it was up to the teams to bring those ideas to fruition. Her idea was the stupid ruffles. Maybe he should have said something but in the end it was her design, her choice.

I think teams bite. It causes so much drama and animostiy between designers. If I was on that show, I'd resent teams.

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