. Celestina Carmen: First Gocco Flop

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Gocco Flop

I was so excited about a new design. It would have to colors and use 2 screens. Before I burned the master I removed the excess carbon with an iron (the first time I did this, it worked well).
My first couple prints barely had a print on the paper. I figured the screen didn't burn properly. I decided to call it a night and clean up. Used my gocco cleaner and paper towels. To my surprise, the paper towel under the screen had a nice print!

I tried it again. Wiped up the cleaner on the master and re-inked. Unfortunately it still didn't come up right. Everything is supposed to be solid brown not spotty. This is what I got...

What went wrong? I used a photocopy image. Was this the result of to much carbon in the original? My mother works with a laser printer. I thought I'd try that out. Maybe, I'll reprint over what I've already done. I tried coloring in the white areas with a colored pencil. It wasn't enough coverage. I'm planning on overlaying another color. I really need the bird solid.

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Janvangogh said...

I found that I had been holding down the cover too long after it flashed. I count to two and then remove the flash cover. Seems to have helped.

Tina said...

Thanks for the tip. I've since switch form photocopies to laser prints. I've had lots of success with solid areas. I'll definately keep your tip in mind.

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