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Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway :: Episode 1

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Episode 1 : Welcome To Los Angeles
Challenge: Red Carpet Look - "Innovation is key."- Tim Gunn

Guest Judge : Lynsay Lohan
Favorite Designer(s): Christopher, Irina
Least Favorite Designer(s): Ari, Gordana

Winner: Christopher

Competition Over For: Ari

Yeahs ::
  • New location, FIDM.
  • Everyone seems very nice. Good personalities no stuck-ups.
  • Tim Gunn, fab as ever.
  • Designs, lots of texture. Lots of talent this season.
  • Mitchell has a disastrous situation. Makes a new (iffy) outfit at the last minute and still is able to stay aboard.
Nays ::
  • Melvin states that he doesn't differentiate between colored carpets. Huh? He hasn't heard the term "red carpet"?
  • Ra'mon cries on camera. Apparently for no reason.
  • Johnny has a break down on the first episode. Doesn't look good for him. What's going to happen as the show progresses and the pressure increases?
That's my recap, cliff notes style.

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handmaiden said...

ok what time and station.....I am loving the aussie version too

Tina said...

handmaiden - It's on thursday nights, Lifetime.

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