. Celestina Carmen: Finished My First Quilt

Monday, August 24, 2009

Finished My First Quilt

With a little blood, sweat, frustration, and in the end - complete satisfaction ... it's finally finished. I have loads and loads of respect for quilters now!

Finished look.

Design Pattern Used: Amy Butler's Patchwork Throw
Tutorial For Assembling: Simple Tied Quilt (Last image shows the knots.)

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Angie said...

You have my respect! Quilting is something I've never thought about venturing into. The finished quilt looks just like the design in Illustrator.

Lorraine said...

That looks Awesome, Tina! I'm going to have to show this to my Grandma since she thinks us younger generations don't do sewing, etc. She'll be amazed! (I know I am...)

♥Karm said...

awesome... so can i order one? great job!

Natalie W said...

Saw your Twitter tweet and had to look. Its beautiful, love the colors!

woolanthropy said...

Fabulous first time quilt. Positively inspiring.

Kacie R. said...

Gorgeous! I got the Amy Butler book with this quilt pattern in it for a gift a couple months ago, but haven't had a chance to make this quilt yet. Your beautifully-completed project is inspiring!

Tina said...

woolanthropy- Thanks.

Kacie R- Thanks. It's a big throw. I didn't read the dimensions first, just jumped right in. In fact, I cut it down a bit. I find AB's book very inspiring.

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